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No matter what you‘ve been through, a life of Joy, Peace, Purpose and, Meaning   is waiting for you today

Mental Health Services for your well-being

Welcome To Chat & Change

You've come to the right place to begin your healing. journey.  At  Chat and Change Counseling, we strive to be the premier mental health resource for marginalized communities  and anyone who hasn‘t felt comfortable with the idea of  therapy.  We are here to optimize personal potential while strengthening your internal resources. 

We Can Help You To Manage 


Stress  and anxiety affects the brain and the body. We help you figure out the source of your stress, identify unhealthy coping mechanisms  for stress and teach new healthier coping skills instead. 


Most often, depression is caused by an issue we haven't addressed. Feelings of helplessness, hopelessness, sadness, being unmotivated may be a sign of depression. Contact us today to help a depression screening and begin your healing process. 


Our relationships are very important. Healthy relationships require great communication, healthy attachment and balance. Couples therapy, family therapy and parent-child therapy teaches you how to have healthy, long-lasting relationships 


To get started, 

Schedule An Appointment With me @

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