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About Us

Candice Jarvis, LCSW-R

Expert Clinical Psychotherapist & Chaplin

I  am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over 25 years of providing counseling, training and supervision. As a therapist and a Chaplin, I am uniquely positioned and blessed to offer comprehensive mental health services while incorporating a Spiritual foundation. While it is often valuable to consider past traumas in our work, my practice is more focused on understanding the legacy of behavior, feelings and unhealthy relationships  trauma has left behind . If you choose to work with me, you will quickly see that talking to a trained listener who is interested in your healing, is actually a part of the healing process. Lets normalize therapy and unload the heaviness that's been weighing on you.

Why Choose Us

Professional  Counselor

Trained in Trauma, family systems and Cognitive Behavior therapy. 25 years of practice, awards and speaking engagements


For those who find incorporating spirituality in their treatment,  a valuable tool, having a Certified Chaplin with the capacity to understand and support individuals in this process is quite beneficial to overall treatment 

Culturally Competent Treatment

As an African- American therapist, I understand the impact of race, class and culture in understanding and treating mental health issues. 

Reduction of Symptoms

Proven strategies in treatment approaches designed to reduce symptoms, increase productivity and improve relationships 


‘I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Candice for over 20 years. this time span has afforded me opportunities to interact with her in professional and personal settings. Professionalism  is her middle name! Candice has clinical skills that are superior to many. This woman has SKILLS!

Felicia Devine, MSW, Author, This Walk Aint Easy 

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