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Cognitive Behavior Therapy allows us to understand  the importance of what we think affects how we feel and behave. This therapy helps clients to uncover unhealthy thinking patterns that affect mood and decisions. 


Specialized Group Therapy

Short-term group therapy for issues like grief, divorce, weight-loss and are just a few of the successful groups offered by CHAT & CHANGE COUNSELING. Finding support and mutual aid from others in similar situations are effective treatment options. 



Pre-martial counseling, couples counseling and family therapy are offered to help improve relationships, understand triggers, improve communication and to learn ways to meet partners needs by understanding love languages, past traumas and past unhealthy patterns of relating. 

TeleMental Health

Chat and Change offers virtual sessions via an online HIPAA compliant platform. Services in the comfort of your own home reduces stigma, increases accessibility and research proves this modality of treatment is as effective as face to face counseling 

Seminars &  Workshops

Church groups, community organizations, service providers are offered comprehensive, activity-based training to address various issues. Trainings/workshops on grief, depression, effective communication, teamwork and More. 

Individual Coaching

Feeling stuck? Considering a move?, Change of life,? Are you in  need of  expert support in helping  to  think though milestones or  life transitions? Individual coaching is a great way to work through the difficult questions to help you get moving on your goals. 

Seminars and Workshops

Workshops offered

What is Therapy

So many folks get confused by what they see on TV. As a result they are not sure what to expect from therapy. So, click on my video for info

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